Agents & Teams

Your Falkor admin team

Falkor Account Agent

When your Falkor account is set up, an account Agent is assigned.

The Agent is the only one who can add new team members, and edit individual account permissions. The Agent is also the primary contact regarding Falkor subscription and account-related matters.

But why? We care about security - making one person responsible for team access lowers the risk involved in managing backend user access.

Falkor Team

In Team Management, you can create the internal team who are responsible for admin, authoring, publishing, analytics & support of your Falkor stories and/or users.

A Team user can:

  • have specific permissions to manage individual access to backend features

  • use their platform login credentials to sign in to the Falkor app;

  • access to all stories published to "Beta";

  • use the Workflow tool to comment and collaborate on a story in Authoring.