Analytics FAQ

FAQs about platform app & story analytics

How to export analytics?

The platform has selected data that is available for export. To learn more about this feature please see Exporting.

User Log Issues: Send Debug Report

For issues that require deeper investigation, users may be asked to Send a Debug Report to the platform.

If a user's logs are persistently failing to upload, you can ask them to send a debug report from their account. This will send the platform a report to investigate device log issues.

To send a Debug Report, the user will need to:

  1. Open the app and go to "Account"

  2. Under "Information", select "Send Debug Report"

  3. Choose "Yes" to send

How a user can send a debug report

Analytics not displaying

If you are a platform backend user and are unable to see analytics on your Analytics page, please check the following:

  1. That you have the correct user permission (your account Agent can check this).

  2. Try using the platform by opening a browser tab in incognito mode. If the analytics load, then it's likely that you have a plugin (e.g. anti-virus or ad-blocker plugin) that is blocking required scripts to run the platform.

  3. To permanently resolve a plugin from blocking platform displays, you can whitelist the platform domain in any anti-virus or ad-blocking plugins.

Where can I see my story build version?

Open a story in Authoring & select Story from the top menu. Select Builds & Archives from the dropdown to see all the builds and date when each build was released.

User Logs not Updating

When a user reports that they have completed a story, but their logs do not reflect the same status on the backend, you can manually edit the logs.

Force Status

You can edit the score (if max. score was set), duration, and status of the log.

In Analytics, open a story, and then got to Logs. From here you can select the cogwheel icon for any specific user and then select "Force Status". Force Status allows you to manually enter the time taken to complete a story, and to set the status (In Progress or Completed).

Export now showing fields/headings

Exports from the platform use a semi-colon delimiter with quotes as a string delimiter. When opening a CSV export, please open it with these options. Generally, most Excel programs have this set as the default.

If column headings are missing or fields are missing, it is possible that these options were not applied.

User Completed Story but No Logs Showing

In some cases, a user claims to have completed a story yet the completion logs are not available in analytics. Although this can be investigated on a server-level, we often find that there are two reasons for missing logs:

  1. The user did not complete any stories (or there is confusion / a misunderstanding around this).

  2. The user's data was removed from analytic logs by a backend account administrator.

The only place that story logs are physically deleted are on the "Delete User Data" and "Delete Story Log" features in analytics. Nowhere else do we have code that removes logs.

Survey Analytics: Number of Responses

If the number of survey responses do not correlate with the number of users, this is due to re-attempts made by users.

When you export the results, only the latest attempt will be shown. The Analytics UI (as illustrated below), however, will take into consideration all attempts made, i.e. will give the total responses as well as number of attempts expressed as "Out of n Responses users answered x."

I can't see analytics for a user

Analytical data of users who are not part of any groups (because they accessed public content) will also be omitted.

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