Create a preview of your content

Your Listing

The listing is a content preview (of your story, stream, pathway, assessment, or survey) that users see on the app.

When setting up the listing, the following details can be added:

Listing Option


Story Name

Add up to 128 characters

Short Description

Add a summary of your content (up to 128 characters)

Long Description

Add a long description of your content


Choose or add a content category that will be visible to app users (you can create different categories for Streams and Stories )


Add up to 5 tags (used to optimise the app search)

Spoken Language

Specify which language the content is in

Explicit Content

Declare whether the content is explicit

Listing Example

A listing contains the listing details (as above) as well as the content duration and rating.

Listing detail


Alternative icon (see Theme & Assets)

The alternative icon you assigned (defaults to the primary icon if no alternative is chosen)


The category can be selected when creating the listing. Categories are used to group content.


The name is created when creating a new story, stream, or pathway.


The long description appears here in the full listing, while the short description appears in the library & discover sections of the app.


We use an API from which calculates the reading time based on written words (all text, dialogs, assessment questions, etc.) but does not include audio, video, and how long it takes a user to interact with activities.


Average star rating given by users

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