Create Video Stream

To create a stream containing a selection of your own uploaded videos (.mp4) and/or YouTube videos from various channels, open Streams and select the "+" icon (top right).

Choose "Create Video Stream", name your stream and choose the app to which it will be published.


Create your video stream listing by providing a short and long description.

You can also add a category and tags. The category will show on the app and help segment content for users. The tags will be picked up on the app search.

Please also indicate the spoken language of your video stream, and indicate whether or not it contains explicit content.

Theme & Assets

Stream assets consist of a primary icon and an alternative icon (optional).

You can customise your theme colours by using the recommend custom colours - generated according to the image(s) you upload.


Upload your video files and/or add YouTube videos. Select the + icon (bottom right) then choose either "Upload Video" or "Add from YouTube".

Upload Video allows you to upload your own audio (.mp4) file. You can also include Show Notes (description of your video upload) and select an episode image.

Add from YouTube allows you to enter a YouTube channel link and then add episodes from the channel that you would like to add to your stream.


Use targeting to set the story as public or private, and to select/deselect groups that will have access to your stream.

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