Version 2.9.2 (September 2021)

Feature enhancements


You will now be able to enable / disable story and pathway reviews. We have also revised the settings UI into a more compact interface.

Under "Request Reviews" you can select whether or not users will be asked to submit a review.

Mobile Number Sign-Up (Requires App Update)

On upgraded apps, users can choose to sign up with their email address OR mobile number. When typing in the username field, the UI will dynamically hint username formats.

Mobile-only sign ups are not possible for invite-only apps. The activation logic for private apps requires email addresses to be a required user identifier.

Group Imports

Groups have been revised to allow mobile and / or email users when manually adding or importing users.

This only applies to apps that have mobile number sign-up enabled.


If a groups is assigned to an app that does not have mobile sign-up enabled, you will not be able to import users without an email address. You will only be able to import users without email addresses if the assigned app has mobile sign ups enabled.

Other Changes (specific to mobile number sign-up)

  1. Dialling code input now available when adding users to a group.

  2. Revised formatting shows country flag alongside the dialling code.

  3. Import template revised to include dialling code. Dialling code and number are added separately either through manual input or as specified in the revised import template.

You don't have to add both email and number. You can add just email or number.

The group API uses strictly email addresses and does not support mobile only users.

The group API does support adding mobile but the user must have an email.

Enrollment Export

Exporting a CSV from enrollment analytics will now show all users who have "Not Enrolled". You will also be able to see which group each such user is in.

This only applies to Pathways targeting a group. If the pathway is public, the "Not Enrolled" users will not apply.

Story Log Export

When exporting a story log, you will now be able to see which group a user belongs to. Previously, this was only possible when exporting the group log.

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