Journey Map

Create an interactive map experience.

How To Use It

The Journey Map page template is ideal if you have large visuals. By creating touch points, you can allow the user to zoom into details and activities on your map.

Creating a Journey Map consists of three key steps:

STEP 1: Add a Map STEP 2: Add Touch Points STEP 3: Map Route Activities

Add a Map: Upload a Journey Map image

Once you have created a blank template, access the Page Options and select Update.

Next, upload your map image (4096 x 2560px) and Save.

To make your map interactive, click on the template once it has been saved and select Map Editor (you can also select the Map Editor from the Journey Map window).

To add a dialog, open the Map Editor and click anywhere on the map. Select "Add Dialog".




Background Colours





Page Dialogs (Map Dialogs Only)



Touch Point Options



Change the default theme colour, i.e. the colour of the touch point icons.

Zoom Level

Choose how close you want to zoom into the image.


Rotates/tilts the map.

Map Activity Options

You can add the following map activities/interactions:

Add Dialog Add a text message and icon (ideal for instructions and introductions).

Add Activity Add any of the following templates: Image + Text Icon + Text Audio + Text Video + Text Animated Video Image Cover Video Cover Multiple Choice Photo Assignment Survey / Rating Slideshow Text Text Response

Add Navigator Navigators allow you to direct users to a chapter and return them to the map once completed. Chapters that are connected to navigators will always return to the map.

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