Delete App Data

Submit a request for your app data to be erased.

When you choose to have your account data deleted, personal information and any identifiers are wiped; your account is anonymised. When app data is deleted, all logs and metadata for that app and user is deleted.

Historical logs are kept, but but because they are linked to a deleted account, data is "unowned" and it is impossible to tell who the user is/was.

Submit a Request to Delete your App Data

If you would like to delete the data associated with your use of an app on the platform, you can submit a Delete App Data request.

You can still use your credentials to login to another app on the platform, i.e. your account will not be deleted from the platform.

STEP 1: Open the Account section of your app. Under Data & Privacy, select Delete App Data.

STEP 2: Confirm that you wish to proceed, and authenticate your account by entering your platform username and password.

STEP 3: A 6-digit code will be sent to your email to further authenticate the request. Retrieve the code and enter it on the app.

STEP 4: To commit to the request, type the word "CONFIRM" and submit.

STEP 5: Request in progress. The platform and/or relevant providers will be notified and asked to respond within 7 days. To prevent any further data collection at this point, you will be signed out of and locked out of the app.

STEP 6: You will receive responses from relevant providers to confirm that they have complied and deleted your data, or to object to the request (e.g. if the provider is your employer and you are required to have an app account for operational purposes).

STEP 7: After 7 days, unless an objection was submitted, your app data will be deleted.

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