Story Activity

Insert a story as an activity

Create a story in Authoring to use it in a pathway activity. You can insert a single chapter or the whole story.




Story / Story Chapters

Select a story (the story must already exist in Authoring).

Story Options

Include the entire story or selected chapters.

Description / Notes

Add text and links.

Activity Settings




Choose whether the activity is required (activity must be fulfilled in order to proceed) or optional (can be skipped).

Complete Fulfilment

Select this option if you consider the activity fulfilled only when the story or chapter has been completed in full.

View Fulfilment

Select this option if you consider the activity fulfilled when users have viewed the story or chapter (does not have to be completed).

If you have the SCORM Import feature, you can create a story and import a SCORM file into the story that is added to your pathway.

Story Activity: Chapters

Multiple Chapters

When multiple chapters of a story have been selected (rather than the whole story), each chapter on the pathway can be fulfilled separately.

Completing a Chapter

After completing a chapter, the user will be prompted to return to the pathway or continue the story.

Chapter Pass Mark

When a story has a pass mark, this pass mark will be applied to the chapter when the activity/chapter is completed.

Clearing Chapter Story Logs

When clearing a chapter or story log, all related logs and story progress will be deleted. This means that the user's progress for chapter activities will be reset. When authors clear a chapter or story pathway log they will be warned and prompted to confirm.

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