Import a quiz that was created in Quiz Builder

The Quiz template is only available in Editor 2.1. When using the new Editor (2.2), you can create an Assessment story type to evaluate users.

How To Use It

Once you have created your quiz in the Quiz Builder, you can import it into the Quiz template. Creating a quiz in Quiz Builder allows you to create a series of multiple choice questions.

To set it up, open your story and go to Trophies & Quizzes, then select Quizzes / Assessments.

Next, add a Quiz page and select your quiz in the editor.

Using the Quiz template is a great alternative to adding several Multiple Choice templates.




Background Colours







Options & Settings


Quiz Select the quiz that you have created in Quiz Builder.

Assessments Name

Enter an assessment name that will be visible in Falkor Analytics.

Limit Number of Questions (0 loads all questions) Use this option if you only want to load a specific number of questions from the Quiz Builder.

Ordering Select Ascending, Descending or Random question ordering.

Theme Colour

Select an alternative background colour to override the theme default.

Required Pass Mark Set the minimum pass mark percentage, e.g. 80%. If the values are set to 0, then there is no required pass mark and no time limit.

Maximum Time in Minutes If you want the reader to complete the quiz within a certain amount of time, you can specify the time here.

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