Data Tracking

Use linked data for users to track their goals and targets

Data Tracking is based on linked data and allows users to follow their progress by viewing goal rings on their app dashboard.

A data tracking activity on a pathway must be fulfilled before the user can proceed. In the form of a goal ring, the data will be visible to users on their app dashboard and can be used to track progress towards their target.

Data Tracking Example

Have a look at our example of tracking new leads acquired on a month-to-month basis. We are referencing data that includes a dynamic goal type - a unique target value can be assigned to each user, thus personalising the goal ring.

In this scenario, we have used data (added as a collection in Data Manager) to track new leads acquired by each employee on a monthly basis.

Data Settings

Data Settings will depend on how your data is structured, what you want to track, and how often it is updated.

Data Setting



Choose a collection (created in Data Manager) that has been added to Linked Data in your pathway

Goal Title

Name the goal ring (this will be visible to users on their app dashboard)

Ring Colour

Pick a colour for the goal ring

Data Formula

Sum Total: total of all rows for that user

Latest Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Annual Value:

the value of the row with the latest date

Latest Value:

latest value for that user based on time


average of all rows for that user

Data Column

Pick the column that contains the data you are tracking

e.g. TARGET column

Date Column

Pick the column that contains the dates/timestamps

e.g. DATE column

Date Range

Look at data within specific timeframes, i.e. a goal is reset based on the date range chosen, e.g. day - goal resets each day.

e.g. month - goal resets every month.

Goal Type

Static Value: provide a static number that needs to be reached in order for the user to fulfil their goal, e.g. 20 sales, 10 leads

Dynamic Value:

allow goals to vary from one column to another e.g. Jo's target is to make 100 sales; Alex's target is to make 150 sales

Target Column

Specify the target column for a Dynamic Goal Type

Target Formula

Specify the formula that must be applied to the target column for a Dynamic Goal Type

Generally, the Target Column should be a Current Value for what the users need to reach in total. When using Dynamic Targets, the "Latest Value" formula is typically what should be used.

Dashboard: Goal Ring Example

Here is an example of what the goals rings might look like on the user's app dashboard:

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