Manage Team

Add Team Users, manage permissions, and limit access
Team Users are typically people within your organisation, and people who do not have their own account but need access to yours, e.g. to assist with authoring, analytics, publishing, or support.
Anyone with an Account Agent or Admin role can add new users. There can only be one Agent. The Agent can re-assign their role when needed.
Add & invite a new Team User
  • From the menu, select Account & Access, then select the + icon (bottom right).
  • Enter the Team User's details, then select a user role. You can customise user access once you have chosen a role.
  • Next, limit access to Groups, Pathways, Stories & Streams, as required. By default, the user will have access to all.
  • Select the Invite button (bottom right). The Team user will be sent an account activation email to join.
Once invited, you can track the Team Member's account status by looking at the "State" column. Invites can have the following states: Notified, Active, or Expired. If expired, the invite can be resent.
After the user has activated their account, they will receive an email with instructions on how to access the app.

A Team User can:

  • be assigned a role;
  • be given limited access to features/sections/content;
  • use their credentials to log in to your platform account;
  • switch between accounts that they have been given access to;
  • use the Workflow tool to comment and collaborate on a story in Authoring.