Creating story assets for the 2.1 Editor

Your Story Listing

The story listing is the preview that users see in the Discover section of the app.
Since the release of the Editor version 2.2, only the Story Icon is required for the story listing.
Story Icon Your story icon will be shown in the story listing. It's the first visual hint of what your story is about. When deciding on a story icon embrace simplicity and use elements that contextualise what your story contains.
Landscape Feature This image is used on mobile devices and can be a photograph or a designed image. This asset can be a little more detailed than the story icon. Your story title, description and category will always be displayed to the user, so your landscape feature can be something abstract, attractive and visually interesting.
Portrait Feature This image is used on tablet and desktop devices and should be similar to - or the same as - the landscape feature.

Adding Your Story Assets

To access your story listing, open a story in Authoring, and select Story from the menu. Select Story Listing & Assets.
How to add required and optional story assets

Required Story Assets

Some featured assets must be added before you can publish a story. The following assets are required:
Portrait Feature
585 x 891 px
Story Icon
1024 x 1024 px
Landscape Feature
1136 x 640 px
Short/Long Description
255 /1024 characters
Desktop/Tablet Listing For your desktop & tablet app listing, you will need x1 Portrait Feature image (585 x 891px). Mobile Listing For your mobile app listing, you will need x1 Story Icon (1024 x 1024px) and x1 Landscape Feature (1136 x 640px). Story Descriptions You need to add a short description (max. 255 characters) & a long description (max. 1024 characters) to your story.

Optional Promotional Assets

Optional assets provide an opportunity to show your audience a preview snippet of what your story contains. These assets should consist of screenshots and/or a promo video.
Promo Video
max. 10MB
Desktop Screenshots
1280 x 800 px
Mobile Screenshots
640 x 1136 px
If your app is public, it is a good idea to add the optional assets to give users more insight into your story.

Story Icon Guidelines

Your story icon will be shown in the story listing. It's the first visual hint of what your story is about. The story icon must be a .png or .jpeg image that is at least 1024 x 1024 px in size.

Good Icon Examples

Simple, clear, colourful and relevant

Bad Icon Examples

Too white, pixelated, bad contrast, distorted icon, text

Design Resources

Use the Photoshop templates below to design the perfect story assets.
Story Icon PSD File
Mobile Feature PSD
Book Cover PSD