Import from Podcast

Curate episodes from a podcast

To create a stream containing a selection of podcast episodes from a single podcast, open Streams, and select "+" icon (top right).

Choose "Import Podcast" and select the app to which you will publish your stream.

Next, enter the Apple iTunes or RSS link.

To add podcast episodes, a valid podcast URL is required. Please enter either the podcast RSS feed link or the Apple iTunes link.

To copy the iTunes podcast link, select the share icon, and then select the link icon to copy. You can also simply copy the URL from the browser tab.

If the podcast has not been published to iTunes, find the RSS link on the podcast website.


Most of the listing details will be auto-populated based on the information attached to the original podcast.

You can edit the listing as needed and add a category and tags. The category will show on the app and help segment content for users. The tags will be picked up on the app search.

Theme & Assets

The primary icon (and in some cases the alternative icon) should be auto-populated based on the visuals used in the original podcast.

You can choose to customise your theme colours and/or assets as needed.


Select which podcast episodes will be made available. Select the + icon (bottom right) then use the search and/or add individual episodes. If you want to add entire channel playlists, go to Podcast Sync.


Use targeting to set the story as public or private, and to select/deselect groups that will have access to your stream.

Podcast Sync

You can choose to sync the podcast - this means that all episodes (the latest 100) will be added to your stream. If you want your stream to be auto-updated with new episodes added to the original podcast, you can also set that preference here.

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