Story Log Support

Support logging & debug process

Frontend Support

When users report a story log discrepancy, the first line of support will be the customer, i.e. the support contact assigned by the account holder. The support team should:

  1. Check story logs in Analytics and check for any mismatch in log & meta when viewing log.

  2. If the meta and log match, it's likely that the user has not completed the entire story. The user must then be directed to complete the story.

  3. If there is a mismatch, then the "Force Status" option can be used. If the support team feels that there is an issue, they can ask the user to submit an app debug report.

Customer Support

When a debug report is filed, the reseller account will receive the report. Using this report, the reseller support team can then compare what is on the device to what has been recorded on analytics:

  1. Check the debug report against the logs in analytics.

  2. If there the debug logs don't match up with the analytic logs, then the "Force Status" option can be used to match the device logs.

  3. If the device logs match the analytic logs, the user must then be directed to complete the story.

  4. If the device logs look incorrect or neither of the steps assists with the issue, then go to step 5.

  5. Go through the story to see if you can replicate the issue. If an issue occurs, submit a debug report from the app and escalate to GitHub with the link, else proceed to step 6.

  6. Ask the user to redo the story. If issues still occur ask them to resubmit a debug report and escalate to GitHub with a report link.

Top-Level Support (GitHub)

Top-level support for story logs is reserved for when all previous steps can not solve the issue. The following steps will be carried out from this level:

  1. Review the debug reports

  2. Check backend logs to check for issues

  3. Replicate the issue based on provided information (Customer Support)

  4. Respond with further steps to either gather more technical information, or by providing resolutions.

App Debug Report

The app debug report allows the user to briefly describe their issue.

  1. The user must submit the debug report from the device where the issue occurred.

  2. Error logs are captured in the debug report which is used for technical stack tracing.

  3. Debug reports show library items and story logs which assist in fixing analytic logs.

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