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Add users & manage account access

Adding Users To Your Team

The Manage Team feature allows you to add users to your team and assign specific roles with limited and/or full access. To learn more about user roles & managing your team, select the links below.

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Adding Users Outside Your Team

The Account Access feature allows users who have their own platform account to access other accounts that they have been given access to. This allows for collaboration between agencies, content creators, or designers.

Managing Access

As an Admin or Agent of an account, you can grant account access to users outside of your team. For each Access User, you will be able to assign a role and limit permissions to content & features. This allows you to control what outside users can and can't see or edit. At any point, you may modify or revoke access.

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Using Multiple Accounts

To gain access to another account, the Admin or Agent of that account will need to invite you using your registered email address.

After you have been added as an Access User, you will be able to access the account by selecting your account icon and then selecting the relative account.

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Some Use Cases

Multiple account access is great for allowing other users to work and support other accounts and is a transparent and safe way to control access permissions. Multiple account access is ideal for:

  • Support. Adding support experts on your platform account to assist you with debugging issues and helping customers. When your account is created, and if you have support included by your platform provider, the assigned platform support team will also have access to your account.

  • Collaboration. Adding content creators outside of your team to work on limited or all content.

  • Collective Access. If your organisation has multiple accounts on the platform, using this feature would allow you to give multiple account access to individuals across your organisation who need to see analytics from all accounts.

Who has access to multiple platform accounts?

If you are a reseller, agency, content creator/author or instructional designer, you may have been given permission to access multiple.

Some subscribers may also have multiple apps (e.g. for various business units) and therefore have access to more than one account.

How to access and switch between accounts

To see which account you are logged into and which accounts you can switch to, select the Account icon at the very far right at the top of your screen.

You will see which account you are currently logged into as well as a list of all your "Manageable Accounts". To switch accounts, you can select one of the accounts and will be asked to verify access by entering your user password.

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