Create an assessment to test knowledge

Choose this story type if you are looking to create a questionnaire or quiz to test users' knowledge.

To create a new Assessment story type, open Authoring, and select "+" (top right). You will be asked to enter the details below.




Name your assessment (max. 24 characters)


Choose your assessment theme (each platform account comes with a pre-created theme)

Publish content to...

Select your app

Assessment Editor sections

Your new assessment will open up in the Editor. Here you can add the required details and compose your assessment.

To learn more about the Editor, go to Theme & Assets, Settings & Targeting.

The scoring option setting in assessments is automatically set to "Evaluate". This means activities can be evaluated as correct or incorrect.

Assessment Editor page templates

The Assessment editor is the same as authoring a learning story but with limited access to page templates.

Only templates that are relevant for an assessment are available: Video + Text, Icon + Text, Image + Text, Audio + Text, Image Cover, Text, Video Cover & Multiple Choice.

Use the Multiple Choice page to create a series of questions. In Settings, you can manage scoring options and award completion certificates.

The Assessment Editor includes the following features:

Story Editor feature


Add Page ("+")

Add a page template to build your assessment

Chapter Navigation

Easily access chapters

Desktop / Tablet View

View pages in desktop/tablet mode

Zoom In / Out Pages

Zoom in/out to suit your screen size

Mobile View

View pages in mobile mode


Run Simulator

Simulate the story to see a preview

Shuffle Pages

Drag/drop pages to order

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