From Creating to Publishing

Create and publish your content


Before you begin Decide which story type and/or stream you will create and start thinking about the content and media you will require.

When you create a new story or stream it will be opened in the Falkor editor. From here, you can adjust your listing, theme & assets and set your audience targeting.

Create a new story in Authoring
Create a new stream in Streams

Creating Content

Story Page Templates Falkor's page template library allows you to rapidly create good-looking learning stories, articles, assessments & surveys.

Page Template Library in Falkor Authoring

Streams If you are using a copywritten podcast or video stream, always ensure you have permission to distribute. If you are creating your own audio & video streams, have a look at the required media specs.

Preparing to Publish

Simulate & Preview Consider running your story in Falkor's simulator so you can see what it will look like and pick up on anything you want to change. Listing Add the story or stream details that will feature on your Falkor app.

Theme & Assets Add story icons that will feature in the listing on your Falkor app, and manage the story theme. Collaborate Consider using Falkor's Workflow tool to share the story with your team & stakeholders to provide comments and feedback.


Targeting Choose your audience by creating groups and setting the content access to public or private. Follow the links below to learn more about the different ways to publish stories, and how to create & invite groups.