Pathway Enrolment Dates

Limit pathway availability and attendance

You can use Pathway Enrolment Dates to set time and attendance parameters for a pathway. In the Analytics, users can then be filtered by date, by cohorts, and by enrolments.

This setting is useful to:

  • Manage attendance volume by spreading attendance over multiple dates;

  • Allow for specific start and end dates;

  • Allow for a combination of self-paced and specified enrolment dates; or

  • Limit attendance per pathway.

With enrolment dates, you can:

Provide a start date and time (Required). This date will determine when the enrolled users can start the pathway. Users will be able to register for a pathway with an enrolment date ahead of the start time. Enrolled users will be notified on the day that the pathway starts. Provide an end date and time. If an end date is specified, then users will be required to complete the pathway before the specified end date. Once the end date is reached, any incomplete activities will be locked. Enrolled users will be periodically reminded to complete the pathway. Set the maximum enrolments. To limit the number of enrolments that can be booked per date, you can do so by setting the maximum enrolments. Once the maximum enrolments has been reached, no further users will be able to enrol for the pathway date. Set a label. If you need to, you can set a label for the enrolment date; this will prefix the start and end date, e.g. Label A: 12 August 2024 - 15 August 2024. Filter analytics. You will be able to filter analytics by the enrolment dates to view logs, statistics and user enrolments by a single enrolment or by all enrolment dates.

Manage enrolment dates

To create enrolment dates, open a Pathway in the Editor, go to Settings and configure the desired dates. When adding dates, the pathway does not need to be re-published - simply enable by using the toggle on/off to make the dates available on the app.

Step-by-step instructions to create enrolment dates:

  1. Open the Pathway in the Editor.

  2. Navigate to the Settings section from the menu.

  3. Under Enrolment Dates, select the Add Date option.

  4. Set the Timezone (always required).

  5. Provide a Start Date (always required).

  6. Provide an End Date, Max Enrolments, and Label (optional).

  7. Select Save.

  8. Enable the newly created date by selecting the toggle button to the On position.

Pro tip: By default, all pathways have the self-paced enrolment enabled. Once you have created a pathway date, you can disable self-paced if you only want enrolments to be available on specified dates.

Enrolment Notifications

When users register for an enrolment date, they will be sent periodic push/email notifications to remind them to start/complete the pathway. Below is a list of the enrolment notifications that are sent.

Pathway Started. This notification is sent to enrolled users when the start date/time has elapsed and the pathway is unlocked. Pathway Ended. This notification is sent to enrolled users who have NOT completed the pathway and the end date/time has elapsed. Pathway Ending Soon. This notification is sent to enrolled users who have NOT completed and there are 7 days left. This will only take effect if the start and end dates span over 1 week or more. Pathway Ends Tomorrow. This notification is sent to enrolled users who have NOT completed the pathway and there is only 1 day left before the end date. This will only take effect if the start and end dates span over 2 days or more.

Enrolment Dates in Analytics

Once you have set up enrolment dates in your pathway, you will be able to filter analytics by the available dates. The enrolment date filter is located at the top bar in Analytics when viewing General Analytics, Enrolments, Reviews, Certificates, Rewards, and Activity Logs.

Activity Logs. With activity logs you will only be able to view a single enrolment date at a time, this is due to the potential size and number of logs and ensures optimal load times.

Events & Classroom. As events and classrooms are already date-specific, filtering by enrolment date will not affect the analytics in this section.

Transferring Enrolments

If you need to transfer users to different dates, you can do so from the Enrolments section in analytics or Enrolment Dates in the editor. Depending on the scenario, you can use an appropriate method.

Transfer single or multiple users

If a user wishes to change their enrolment date or was unable to complete the pathway in time, you can transfer their enrolment by following these simple steps:

  1. Open pathway in analytics.

  2. Navigate to the enrolments section in the menu

  3. Select the options of the user and select Transfer Enrolment.

  4. Select the new date

  5. Select Transfer to save

  6. The user will be notified that their enrolment has changed to a new date.

Deleting an enrolment date and transferring all users.

If you need to delete an enrolment date, you will be given the option to transfer existing enrolments to a new date. This is useful if you need to move all users to a new enrolment date.

  1. Open the Pathway in the Editor

  2. Navigate to the Settings section in the menu

  3. Select options on the enrolment date

  4. Select Delete

  5. You will be prompted to select a new date to transfer existing enrolments.

  6. Select Delete

  7. When the enrolment is deleted, users are NOT notified.

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