YouTube Video Activity

Add a single YouTube video as an activity.

Insert a YouTube episode by entering its unique video ID. To get the video ID, simply copy everything that appears after "" in the URL.

Paste the link into the YouTube Video ID space and hit enter to see a preview of the video.




Activity Name

Name the activity/YouTube video (this will appear on the pathway).

YouTube Video ID

Enter only the video ID (the last part of the URL behind the "watch?v=/" part of the URL).

Activity Notes

Add text and links.

Activity Settings




Choose whether the activity is required (activity must be fulfilled in order to proceed) or optional (can be skipped).

Play Fulfilment

This auto-setting requires users to play the video in order to fulfil the activity (not applicable if optional).

Start Playback From

You can set the time at which the video must begin.

End Playback At

You can set the time at which the video must end.

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