Respond or object to data erasure requests

Any platform tenant/account who has processed the user data will be notified when a user requests to have their app and/or account data deleted from the platform. Notifications are sent to platform account users assigned the Agent, Data Privacy, and/or Support roles.

A data processor is a tenant/account that has been mandated to operate and distribute the platform, and/or was given limited or full permission to access, view, and process personal information of users utilising apps, platform accounts, and/or platform technologies;

Handling Deletion Requests

In the backend, open Data Privacy and navigate to Deletion Requests. Here you will see past and current requests from users.

Send a Response

Unless there is a valid reason to object to the deletion request, you can go ahead and send a response. You will be asked to:

  • confirm that you have followed correct data erasure processes based on your jurisdiction

  • confirm whether or not you will retain some or all of the user's profile data (e.g. user's profile data is retained on a mailing list, CRM, etc.)

Once you confirm your response, the user's data will be deleted and anonymised. They will receive an email with the details of your response. The case number is retained as a reference to the erasure instance.

Object to Request

If you have a valid reason not to delete the user's app or account data, you may submit an objection.

This will halt the data erasure process and the user's account will not be deleted.

The dispute of whether or not to delete the account will be handled between the platform account that submitted the objection, and the end-user who wants to delete their user account.

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