Story Analytics & Logs

Drill down into your story analytics

Where to find your Story Analytics

You can access analytics for a specific story by selecting the options menu from a story on the Authoring dashboard and choosing Analytics.

Quick access to story analytics

You can also go to the Stories page in Analytics & Trends, you will find a list of the stories you have published. Select the arrow to open the deeper layer of story-specific analytics.


Analyse how users interacted with content

At the top of the Interactive page you will see: Highest Mark (achieved by a user), Average Mark (story average), Lowest Mark (achieved by a user), and the Average Time (required to complete the story).

Below this, the graph is a snapshot of the Average Score (per chapter), Highest Score (achieved per chapter), Max Score (achievable per chapter)

Below the graph, you will see the story chapters and related details, including, Chapter (number/name), Progress (how many users have completed the story), Last Update (when the story was last updated), Time (average time taken to complete the story), and Average (story score (%)).

By selecting the grey arrow at the far right of each chapter listing, you can drill down into page-specific analytics in order to view the results for each page/template:

Page-specific Analytics



Chapter number/name


How many users have completed the story

Last Update

When the story was last updated


Average time taken to complete the story


Average number of attempts


Average page score (%)

For some interactive pages, it's possible to drill down even further to view detailed responses. Select the grey arrow icon on the far right of each line item that contains further details.

Question Analysis

Analyse written and survey question results

Access your survey and written responses. At the top of the page you will see:

  • Each question analysis can be opened to view more details using the cogwheel icon.

  • Survey questions will appear as a graph to show the top options selected.

  • For written responses, the user's name, how long ago the response was submitted, and the response itself will be listed.

  • You can view or export the text responses entered by the users.

Open or export question analysis

Go to a Story's analytics and select "Question Analysis". Use the settings icon to Open or Export (.csv format).

Story Logs

Story Logs allow you to access a detailed account of every user's interaction with a story.

Open Analytics, open a Story, and access the Logs section from the left-hand menu. You can see more detailed (and archived) logs by selecting the options icon on the log and selecting View Log.

Story Log Status

Story Logs allow you to see the state/progress of each user.




Indicates that the user is busy doing the story for the first time.

In Progress

Indicates that the user has started the story.


This indicates that the user has completed the story (this will show in the export data).


Old logs of previous story versions that a user has completed. Logs are archived once a user completes a newer version of a story.

Note: Whenever a user chooses to "Redo" a story, their progress will be reset. Results from the redo will overwrite the user's previous log, and old logs will be archived.

Story Log Options

Select the cogwhell to see options



View Log

View an individual user's story log

Force Complete

If you want to set the user's status to "complete"

Delete Story Data

If you want to remove the user's recorded data based on their interaction with the story

Delete App Data

If you want to remove the user's recorded data from their interaction with a platform app

Export Story Logs

To export the story logs, simply select the export icon (top right) from the Story Logs page.

Export story logs

The following columns are included in the .csv export:

Column Heading



User's first name(s)


User's last name


In Progress, Completed, Redoing


Passed / Failed


Number of attempts (if allowed)


Time taken to complete (00:00)


Percentage score

Last Update

Date & Time when the last story attempt was completed


Story build version

Story Build Analytics

By default, all builds are loaded for analysis. If you want to see a specific release/build, you can select one using the filter option.

Next to the question title you can see the range of builds being displayed.

Individual User Results & Logs



Highest Mark

Highest mark achieved by a user

Average Mark

User average

Lowest Mark

Lowest mark achieved by a user

Average Time

Average time required to complete the story



Lowest Mark

Lowest mark achieved by a user, per chapter

Average Score

Average score, per chapter

Highest Score

Highest score achieved, per chapter

View Log, Delete Story Data or Delete App Data

Select the cogwheel icon to “View Log”, "Delete Story Data", or “Delete App Data”.

By selecting “View Log”, you will see the exact logs uploaded from the user's app

Log Type

Log Detail

View Log

Time taken to complete each page

Total score, max score and percentage

When last the log was updated

Delete Story Data

Delete a user's story logs (for a specific story)

Delete App Data

Delete a user's complete story logs (for all stories)