Account Access

Give users outside of your organisation access to your account.

Access Users are people outside of your organisation who have their own platform account, i.e. are a Team User on an external account. e.g. to assist with authoring, analytics, publishing, or support.

To add an Access User, you need to provide the email address they are using in their account.

Anyone with an Account Agent or Admin role can add new users.

  1. From the menu, select Account & Access, go to Account Access, then select the + icon (bottom right).

  2. Enter the email address of the user you are adding, then select a user role. You can customise user access once you have chosen a role.

  3. Next, limit access to Groups, Pathways, Stories & Streams, as required. By default, the user will have access to all.

  4. Select the Invite button (bottom right). The Access User will be sent an email and an in-platform notification that they have been given access.

An Access User can:

  • be assigned a role;

  • be given limited access to features/sections/content;

  • switch from their own account to the accounts they have access to.

Switch Accounts

If you have been given access to multiple accounts, you can easily switch between them.

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