Create an image slideshow

How To Use It

This template is a great way to show a series of pictures. The images in the slideshow are presented in a landscape layout with text underneath.

You can add up to 6 images (at least 1136x758px in size in .svg, .jpg or .png format).

Select "TEXT" (top right of the window) to enter a heading and/or subtext. Enter text in the space provided and use the editing tools to format your text. The text will appear below your slideshow.

You can choose to autoplay the slideshow or let the user tap through it manually.




Background Colours






Options & Settings


Animation Choose from the available image animation options: Carousel (Default), Fade In/Out, Scale In/Out.

Autoplay The autoplay option allows you to run the slideshow automatically (so the user does not have to scroll through manually). You can decide how many seconds each slide must be shown. If you set this to "0", autoplay will not run and the user can swipe to view the slideshow.

Background Colour Select an alternative background colour to override the theme default.

Image Size If you want the image sizes to be adjusted for tablet and desktop devices, you can set the size to Medium or Small (Large is the default size).

Image Effect (Non-Mobile) Add image shadow and frame options. Note that image effects will only apply to non-mobile devices, i.e. desktop and tablet.

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