Catalogue & Templates

Create templates, create from templates and use catalogue stories

A story can be published to the Marketplace as a re-usable story template, or as a polished and ready-to-publish catalogue story.

Create Story Templates if you want to prepare templates that are easy for you to use when you Author your own stories, or if you are a content producer/Reseller and wish to create stories for another account holder to access. Note: only Reseller accounts can create story templates.

Author using a Story Template by choosing "From Template" when creating a new story. This means you will import a story template into the Authoring Editor and can make changes before publishing. Using a Story Template can make authoring faster, and decision-making easier, as they offer a preset flow of page templates.

Catalogue Stories are stories that are ready to publish, as is, and require no further editing. You can download a catalogue story from Marketplace and then proceed to publish it.

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