Account & Subscription

Falkor subscription details & app link

Your Falkor app link

You can get your Falkor app download link from the subscriptions page in your account.

Get your app link & view your subscription details
  1. Select the grey Falkor icon at the top right of your screen.

  2. Go to "Falkor Private Enterprise Apps"

  3. Copy or open the app link

Remember that users must be invited to a Group in order to register / sign in to private apps.

Your Falkor subscription details

Your Falkor subscription details can be viewed by selecting the grey Falkor icon at the top right of your screen.

Account Details: Account Name & Agent Falkor Subscription: Name & Tier Information: Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy Falkor Private Enterprise Apps: *Link(s) to access/download your app(s) Account Limits: Stories, Storage, Bandwidth, Private Users (Used/Available)

If you need to upgrade your subscription, please contact your agent/reseller/relationship manager.

* Note that if you share a link to your Falkor app, you still need to ensure that the recipient has been invited to a group. Users who have not been invited to your app will not be able to register and login.

Multiple Falkor accounts

Who has access to multiple Falkor accounts?

If you are a reseller, agency, content creator/author or instructional designer, you may have access to multiple Falkor accounts if you were given access/permission.

Some subscribers may also have multiple Falkor apps (e.g. for various business units) and therefore have access to more than one account.

How to access and switch between accounts

To see which account you are logged into and which accounts you can switch to, select the Falkor icon at the very far right at the top of your screen.

You will see which account you are currently logged into as well as a list of all your "Manageable Accounts". To switch accounts, you can select one of the accounts and will be asked to verify access by entering your Falkor user password.