Reward Activity

Give your users rewards when they reach this activity.

If you want your users to earn rewards at a certain point in the pathway, you can create rewards and then assign them to a Reward Activity. Note: You will not be able to insert this activity into your pathway if there are no existing rewards to assign.

Tip: Add this activity on its own within a single row.




Select Reward

Select one of your existing / available rewards.

Activity Notes

Add text and links.

Activity Settings




Reward activities are pre-set as "required" and can not be skipped, i.e. all users who reach this activity will earn a reward (unless the available stock limit has been reached and/or the reward has expired).


When the user reaches this activity it will be fulfilled.

Go here to learn about creating a Reward that can be assigned to a Reward Activity.

View Rewards

If you would like to see a list of users who have obtained the Reward, simply open the Pathway Editor and select View Rewards on the Reward Activity. You can also View Rewards directly from the Rewards section.

Reward Voucher States


Pending The voucher has been obtained but a notification to the user has not been sent.


The voucher has been obtained and a voucher notification has been sent.


Send a peer-to-peer confirmation request to the user's device, requesting them to confirm that the reward has been received.


Set the voucher to redeemed i.e. confirm that the user has received the reward.


Set the voucher to expired.

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