Story Builds

What is a Story Build?

Every time you publish a story, a new Build version is created, e.g. 1.0.0, 1.0.1, 1.0.2, etc.

Build versions allow authors & admins to keep track of the different versions they publish. Whenever an update is made and a new version is deployed, your users can access the update and re-do the new version of the story. In Analytics, this becomes important as we track who has completed which version of the story.

Note: It is very likely that not all users will update their story and re-do every time you release a new version. For this reason it is strongly recommended to minimise the number of story builds. Make sure your story is perfect before you publish it.

Build Dates/Archives

To see a story's build/version history:

  1. Open a story

  2. Select TOOLS from the top menu

  3. Select BUILDS & ARCHIVES from the dropdown to see all the builds and date when each build was released

New Story Build

If a user has started a story but not completed it and the author publishes a new version, any new pages that are added to a chapter will cause that chapter to become incomplete.

This is so that new content can be completed by the user.

Scenario: INTERACTIVE STORY TYPES ONLY Bob starts Story A and gets to Chapter 3 of 6. Then, a new story build is released with changes to chapter 2. Bob continues the story from chapter 3. When he completes chapter 6 he will see that the story is incomplete and that he needs to go back to Chapter 3 to complete the pages that were added.

Lost Logs

There are a few situations where logs can be lost. The platform has worked hard to minimise the gaps of multi-device log syncs, but the following scenarios have been identified:

Offline Story

Scenario: If a story is downloaded for offline and completed offline.

These logs eventually upload once the device has found connectivity. However, if a user decides to uninstall an app whilst offline, and logs have not uploaded, the logs will be deleted permanently and are not retrievable.

Connection Drop

Scenario: When there is a connection drop, logs will remain on the device until a connection can be detected.

Logs remain on the device until the user has the app open and connection is present. Once a log uploads, the server sends a signal down to the app to confirm that the logs have been saved. Logs will continuously try to upload until this signal is received. As with point 1, if logs remain on the device and have not successfully uploaded, and the user decides to remove the app, change devices or clear web data these logs will become irretrievable.

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