Password & Login

User login support

Forgot Password

If you are trying to login to the Falkor app but have forgotten your password, you can use the "Forgot Password" option on the login screen.

STEP 1: Enter your email address and select the "Forgot Password" button. STEP 2: You will be sent a "Reset Code" to your email address. Copy the code and follow the reset link. STEP 3: Enter the reset code and then choose a new password. STEP 4: You will be asked to log in with your new password.

For security reasons, the Reset Code and link expire after 1 hour.

Forgot Password not working

If you receive an error message or are unable to reset your password, the following may have occurred:

  1. You are not using a valid email address. You must use the email address that you registered with and/or that was used to invite you to the app.

  2. You are a Falkor backend user and are trying to reset your password via the app. Backend users must always reset their password via the Falkor backend.

If you tried to reset your password but did not get an email, look here.

Password Reset Code not working

When you use the Forgot Password option, you receive a Reset Code and a link (via email).

If the link/code aren't working, it's possible that they have expired.

Use the Reset Password option again and create a new password within 1 hour of receiving the email.

The password Reset Code and link expire after 1 hour.

Forgot Password email not received

If you have used the "Forgot Password" option, you will receive an email with a Reset Code. If you have not received the email, it could be because:

  1. The email has been sent but ended up in your inbox spam/trash folder - please check.

  2. Your inbox is full and you are unable to receive email.

  3. The email address used to invite you was not spelled correctly - please check again carefully.

  4. The email was received but overlooked / sender not recognised. All app invite emails are sent from "Falkor".

  5. You have a Falkor backend account and have tried to reset your password on the app. Backend users must reset their password on the Falkor backend.

Backend user forgot password

Users who are also backend users (i.e. admins, agents and authors have access to a Falkor subscriber account), may not use the “Forgot Password” option on an app (desktop, tablet or mobile) to reset their password.

Backend users must always edit their account details in the Falkor backend.

Invite email not received

If you were invited to a Falkor app, but did not receive an email, it could be because:

  1. The email has been sent but ended up in your spam/trash folder - please check.

  2. The inbox is full and you can't receive e-mail.

  3. When added to Falkor, your email address was not spelled correctly. Ask your Falkor admin to check the spelling.

  4. The email was received but overlooked / sender not recognised. All app invite emails are sent from "Falkor".

  5. As a last resort, the invite may need to be sent using another email address.

Change password (Falkor App Users)

As a Falkor app user, you can change your password in your app account.

Access your Falkor app (via mobile, tablet or desktop) and go to "Account". Here you can use the "Change Password" option.

Note: you will need to enter your old password in order to create a new one.

Change password (Backend Users)

To change your password in the Falkor backend, select the account icon (top right) and then select the cogwheel icon alongside your username to access setting options.

Reset a user's password

Only the account Agent can reset team passwords:

  1. Go to Team Management and select the options button for the user whose password you need to reset.

  2. Select "Reset Password".

Account locked

If you are a backend user and enter your password incorrectly x3 times, you will be locked out of your account for security reasons.

To get back in:

STEP 1: Check your inbox - you will be sent an Unlock Code. The unlock code & link expire after 1 hour. STEP 2: Copy the Unlock Code. STEP 3: Enter your correct email address, password & Unlock Code to get into your account.

If you do not remember your password, you will need to choose "Forgot Password" and go through the password reset process before you can login using your Unlock Code.

Password not safe

When you are choosing your password, you will be asked to create a "Safe Password".

Safe passwords contain numbers, symbols and/or caps, and are not easily guessable or common words.

Security First! The Falkor platform will not allow you to save a password that is not considered safe (according to widely recognised security standards).

How long do emails take to arrive?

Emails from the Falkor platform are sent immediately, but because they have to go through the matrix it could take 1-5 minutes. Have a look at the troubleshooting tips if the email does not arrive.

Falkor emails could include: App invite email Account activated email Password reset (Forgot password email) Falkor notifications

I have to login twice

If you need to login twice before getting into the backend, try these things:

  1. Check there is no extension interference: Login using an incognito tab in your browser. If the login succeeds then it is likely that an extension is interfering with the login.

  2. Check that cookies are enabled: If browsers do not have cookies enabled, sessions can not be created. Sessions keep users signed into platforms.

  3. Clear cache and restart: Sometimes a browser could be stuck with something in its cache that prevents sessions being created correctly. Clear your cache and restart the device.

Activation Code expired

Activation codes expire after 3 days. Follow the "Join" link in the invite email and "Request a new one", if your code has expired.