Pathway Options

Pathway editing options

Prompt Enrolment

Recommend pathways to users and prompt them to enrol.

Users who have not yet started a pathway will see recommended pathways on their Journey screen. Once started, the rest of the recommended pathways will be listed on their pathway switch list.

How to enable:

  1. Open the editor on a selected pathway

  2. Navigate to Listings & Settings

  3. Under 'General Settings', enable the "Prompt Enrolment" option

When a user completes a pathway, the app will send a completion email to users & recommend more pathways.

Pathway Notification Options

Admins can be notified when bookings are confirmed, when confirmation activities are uploaded, and when rewards have been awarded.

Bookings Notifies selected admins when a user registers their attendance to an event or classroom activity.

Uploads Notifies selected admins when users submit uploads to a pathway activity.

Rewards Notifies selected admins when the user unlocks a reward on a pathway.

How to use

  1. Open editor on a selected pathway

  2. Navigate to 'Notifications'

  3. Select which of the admins must be notified for Bookings, Uploads, and Rewards

Add Nudge Notifications

You can apply a time limit to each row of activities. Users will need to complete the activities within the specified time and will be nudged/reminded by app push, and email notifications.

Nudge Setting


Time Limit

Set the number of days users are given to complete activities in a row.

Restart Action

Choose which activities will need to be restarted if a user does not complete them in time:

All Row Activities (must redo all activities in the row) All Level Activities (must redo all activities in the row) All Pathway Activities (must redo all activities in the pathway) All logs, progress, and results will be cleared and reset according to the option you choose.

Remember to publish your pathway after adding nudges.

Advanced Pathway Activity Sorting

You can move activities within a row, or up and down a row. But for intricate sorting options, you can select "Advanced Sorting" from the options menu.

Each level will be displayed showing the activities in that level. Simply drag and drop activities within or across levels.

Move Activities Up or Down a Row

You can move an activity up or down a row.

Move Activities in a Row

Select, hold & drag an activity tile to move its position within a row.

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