List on Marketplace

Create and list Story Templates or Catalogue Stories on the platform Marketplace

This feature is only available to platform licensees and sub-licensees.

To create a story template, simply author a story as you normally would, in Authoring. Instead of publishing the story to an app, you can choose to "Publish Template".

As you would do when publishing a story, you need to check that the assets and requirements have been met & then set your Marketplace Options.

Use Default Theme

Because story themes can be privately available to specific accounts only, a Marketplace template must be set to the platform default. This ensures that another account can use the template without needing permission to the publisher's custom theme.

Template Access

In Marketplace Options, you can set the Template Access to Public (meaning anyone with access to Marketplace on the platform) can view and download your template, or Private (meaning the template will be available only to selected platform accounts).

Only licensed providers who have been linked to platform accounts can publish templates to the Marketplace of other account holders.

Manage your Listing

Once published, your template will be reviewed and approved. You can go to Marketplace Listings to see a list of templates you have published to the platform Marketplace, view statistics and remove listings.

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