Points & Levels

How users earn points & get to next levels

How to Score Points

Points are earned by completing a story (100 points earned per story completed) and by completing the activities in a story (100 points per activity completed).

Story scoring is based on the following formula: Total Story Score + 100 points = Points earned

Example: A drag and drop activity will earn a user 100 points. By correctly answering 4/5 questions in a quiz, another 400 points can be earned, PLUS they get the 100 points for completing the story. Based on this example, a user would earn 600 points for completing the story and would therefore achieve a Level 1 status.

Users will not earn points for the word search and memory game activities (from version 2.5+).

How to get to the next Level

On a platform app, each user will see their "Current Level" (under Stats in Analytics). The higher the level, the harder it is to get to the next level.

Levels are structured as follows:

Level 1-4 (BEGINNER): 0 - 4800 points Level 5-9 (NOVICE): 7500 - 24,300 points Level 10-14 (WELL-READ): 30,000 - 58,800 points Level 15 - 19 (ACHIEVER): 67,500 - 108,300 points

The current level is determined by the number of points a user has accumulated. Points are earned by completing a story and the activities in a story.

Average Grade

Users can see their Grade (under Your Stats in Analytics on the app). Grading works as follows:

A++ = 100% A+ = 95% A = 95-80% B+ = 80-75% B = 75-70% C+ = 70-65% C = 65-60% D+ = 60-55% D = 55-50% F+ = 50-45% F = 45-40% FF = below 40%

Story Attempts

When a user completes a story, they have the option to re-do the story. Each attempt is archived and the most recent attempt will be valid. How attempts and time affect the ranking The number of attempts, i.e. number of times a user chooses to re-do a story, becomes a deciding factor when they are tied with someone else on the app leaderboard. For example, a tied leaderboard may look like this: 1st: John 1000 points (in 2 attempts) 2nd: Jane 1000 points (in 3 attempts)

The amount of time taken to complete a story will also affect a tied ranking.

For example: 1st: Jane 1000 points, 2 attempts in 10secs 2nd: John 1000 points, 2 attempts in 15secs

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