Publish a New Story

Open Authoring, select Story from the top menu & select Publish. You can also select Publish via the story options on the Authoring dashboard.

Ensure that the required assets have been added and that the story is below 100MB.

  • For the "Publish story to" option, select the app to which you will publish.

  • For the "Deploy as" option, select either Beta, Private or Public.

  • Select the "Publish Now" button. Open your Falkor app and access your story from the Discover section.

Once your story is published to Live (Private or Public access), you will need to re-publish when you make changes.

Re-publishing a Live Story

If you want to publish any edits you have made to a live story, simply go through the publishing process again.

If your users are busy with a live story and you make changes, they may have to go back and complete, for example, a new activity you have added.

Avoid making major story changes after publishing. Remember to simulate and check everything thoroughly before you publish.

For more on this, have a look at Story Builds.