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Theme & Assets

Using and editing your story theme


Primary & Secondary Icon

Adding a primary & alternative icon
Assets will be shown in the content listing. It's the first visual hint of what your story is about.
The icons must be a .png or .jpeg image at least 1024 x 1024 px in size. Images bigger than the minimum will simply be auto-resized.
You only need to upload a primary icon, but you can upload an alternative icon if you would like the icon in the featured content banner to be different from the icon in the listing.
Example of a primary and alternative icon on the app
When adding podcast and YouTube streams, the listing will be auto-populated with assets from the original source.

Manage Theme

Select "Manage Theme" or select the banner area on the preview to choose theme colours.
How to manage the story theme & choose custom colours
The content theme applies a look & feel to your listing interface. Themes were created to make design choices simple. You can select a predefined theme or make preferred colour adjustments.
Your available options should be the theme that was created for you when your platform app was set up, but you can also customise your theme using recommended or standard colours.
When you upload an icon, recommended colours will be added to your custom theme options. These recommendations are based on colours detected in the image(s) you have added. This assist in selecting colours that harmonise with the provided icon(s).

Icon Tips

Your icon is the first visual hint of what your content is about. If you don't use Marketplace to find icon images, you can also design your own icon.

Good Icon Examples

Simple, clear, colourful and relevant

Bad Icon Examples

Too white, pixelated, bad contrast, distorted icon, illegible text

Custom Theme

How to create a custom theme
Your platform account will come with one or more default themes. If you want to customise your theme, you can add a Primary Colour, an Accent Colour and a Custom Font.
You will only be able to use custom theme fonts when using a custom theme. For pre-existing/default themes, the theme font may not be customised.