Account & Subscription Details
Access your account & subscription details.
You can edit your Account Details and icon, and view your Subscription Details.
Your account and subscription details are determined when your platform account is set up.
Your subscription tier (as agreed with your distributor)
Date of account creation/subscription start date
Duration of subscription to date (in days)
Account ID
Your account ID as stored on the platform
Agent / Account Holder
Your assigned Agent (primary company representative & contact person)
Terms & Conditions
The platform terms and conditions
Privacy Policy
The platform privacy policy
Add-on Features
The available platform add-ons (Authoring, SCORM-Only Authoring, Streams, Pathways, Data Manager)
Content Items
Shows your used and available slots for stories, streams, and/or pathways (includes created, published, and archived items)
Used and available storage for your account (determined by the Tier)
Used and available bandwidth for your account (determined by the Tier)
Company Name
The name of your organisation
Address details
Country, State/Province, City, Suburb / County, Address & Postal Code of your company's headquarters
Account Logo
Your company's logo (visible in your platform account)
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