Scores, Progress & Leaderboards

How scoring works

Re-Do: Saved Progress / Bookmarking

When a story or survey is completed, the user's progress will be saved.

This ensures that a user can conveniently pick up where they left off. If a story is completed to the end and a user chooses to re-do that story, their survey answers and story interactions from the previous attempt will be pre-populated but can be edited.

For assessments, answers will not be pre-populated.

What are Experience Points?

Experience Points are earned by completing a story or an activity. 100 points for every activity completed 100 points for every story completed

Each story has the following formula: Total Story Score + 100 points = Experience Points earned

Example: If you complete a card selection activity, you get 100 points. By answering 4/5 questions correctly in a quiz, you earn 400 points, PLUS you get the 100 points for completing the story. Based on this example, you would earn 600 points for completing the story, and would get to Level 1.

What is the Current Level?

Current Level is determined by the number of Experience Points accumulated. Experience points are earned by completing a story and the activities in a story.

Levels are structured as follows: Level 1 - 4 (BEGINNER): 0 - 4800 points Level 5 - 9 (NOVICE): 7 500 - 24 300 points Level 10 - 14 (WELL-READ): 30 000 - 58 800 points Level 15 - 19 (ACHIEVER): 67 500 - 108 300 points

What is the Top Score?

Top Score is your highest % achieved for a story completed (best score ever).

What is the Average Grade?

Average Grade is the average you achieved based on all the stories you completed. The grading is as follows:

A++ = 100% A+ = 95% A = 95-80% B+ = 80-75% B = 75-70% C+ = 70-65% C = 65-60% D+ = 60-55% D = 55-50% F+ = 50-45% F = 45-40% FF = below 40%

What are Skill Points & Trophies?

Skill Points can only be earned by receiving trophies. They do not affect and are not affected by Experience Points.

Trophies are valued as follows: BRONZE = 1 Skill Point SILVER = 2 Skill Points GOLD = 3 Skill Points

Only one trophy can be earned per story. Even if a reader completes the story multiple times, he/she will only ever get the trophy and skills points earned after completing the story (so you can not accumulate multiple trophies by completing the story multiple times).

Your Stats & Leaderboard

To see your stats, progress, trophies and leaderboard ranking, open the Analytics section in your app.

YOUR STATS Here you can see your Current Level, Top Score and Average.

YOUR PROGRESS See how many New Stories you have not started, how many stories are In Progress, and how many you have Completed.

TROPHIES Some stories award you with trophies. Here you can view ALL trophies, as well as GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE trophies.

LEADERBOARD Your story interactions will affect your ranking on the leaderboard.

You will be able to see where you and your fellow users are ranked on the leaderboards:

  • Overall - shows user ranking across groups

  • Group - shows top 10 users across the user groups that you are part of

  • Country - shows top users in your country

  • City - shows top users in your city

GLOBAL STATS If you have access to multiple platform apps, some stats will be visible to you on every platform app that you use. Regardless of which app you are on, you will always be able to see YOUR STATS (Current Level, Top Score & Average), as well as the trophies you have earned in TROPHIES & AWARDS.

Story Attempts

When you complete a story, you have the option to re-do the story. Each attempt is archived and a new attempt and its logs are recorded. How attempts and time affect ranking The number of attempts, i.e. number of times you re-do a story, becomes a deciding factor when you are tied with someone else on the app leaderboard.

For example, a tied leaderboard may look like this:

1st John 1000 points in 2 attempts 2nd Jane 1000 points in 3 attempts The amount of time taken to complete a story will also affect a tied ranking, e.g.: 1st Jane 1000 points in 2 attempts in 10secs 2nd John 1000 points in 2 attempts in 15secs

What happens to my score when I remove a story?

If you remove a story from your app ("My Stories"), only the logs logs saved to your device will be lost.

Historical logs already uploaded to the server are saved to your user history. If you re-add the story it will use your logs on the server to allow you to pick up where you left off.

Your story logs are saved to the platform when your device is online and the app is open.

What happens to my score when I delete a story from the app?

If you remove a story from your app ("My Stories" or "My Library") only your device's saved logs will be removed. Logs already uploaded to the server are saved to your history.

If you re-add the removed story, your saved logs (saved on the server) will allow you to pick up where you left off. This also ensures that logs are synced across multiple devices & saved when you delete and re-install a platform app.

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