Platform Apps 2.5

Changes & improvements to platform apps version 2.5

Dark Mode. We have added dark mode for supported devices. iOS 13+, Android 9+, and desktop.

UI Improvements. We have made general UI & Design improvements.

My Library (with Streams add-on). Apps that have Streams activated will now have the "My Library" section with category tabbing - instead of the "My Stories" section. Apps that are not making use of Streams will retain the "My Stories" section.

Certificates. We have added certificates to Analytics in the trophy section.

Performance Improvements. We made general speed and performance optimisations.

Passive Offline Caching. We have implemented an automatic catch for data and media on the app.

Manage Content. We have improved how users can manage content on their apps. Content removed will ensure the latest logs are uploaded before being removed.

Remove all items. You can now remove all items in the app library instead of one by one.

Upgraded Network Calls. Our new infrastructure now supports http 2.0 which allows for better concurrency.

Improved Device Syncing. Data syndicated across devices has been thoroughly improved and optimised.

Improved Story Log Syncing. Logs will now be more persistent when connectivity issues are detected.

Redo activity removed. We have removed the ability to redo a single story activity / page. Users can only redo an activity by re-attempting a story. This was removed as re-attempts are handled at a story level and allowing re-attempts at an activity level would cause unwanted effects. Stories are either on an assessment or teach (repeat until correct) setting so re-attempts on a single activity no longer make sense.

Map Redos. Map "Redo" has changed to "View Again". This will allow the user to view the map again, but all completed activities will remain completed.

Skip Indicator Removed. We have removed the skip indicator as users can now either swipe to skip or click next. Swiping or clicking next will invoke the "Skip Activity" message. This removes the need for the user to understand an additional UI indicator.

Removed Story Progress from Top Bar. We have removed the story progress bar from the top bar. This was repeating an already existing progress indicator found in the story menu. Again, this removes the need for the user to have to understand an additional UI component.

Skip Activities. If the "Allow Activity Skipping" story setting is set to "No", users will not be able to skip an activity and will have to complete the activity before proceeding.

Maps. We have fixed some issues with the map, in particular, when multiple maps are laid out in sequence they were causing some unwanted bugs or when map navigators that point to the same chapter as the map caused a looping bug. Both of these issues have been fixed.

Story Logs. We have changed how re-attempts on a story work from a log level. The first attempt will track the user's progress and score in real-time. On subsequent attempts, the progress and score will only update once the new attempt is completed. This prevents the confusion of scores on current re-attempts and allows observing or exporting logs to be more accurate to each user's latest completed score.

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