User Groups
How to manage your user audience

What are Groups?

Invite users to your app and content by adding them to a group.
By sorting your users into groups, you can decide who gets access to what.

Invite Users (Private & Public apps)

Add users to a group if you want to invite them to download your platform app. Invited users are sent an account activation code and a download link.
If your app is public, users can sign up without being invited.

Give App Access (Private apps)

Private apps require users to sign in (no 'create account' option). All private app users must be invited to the app by being added to a group.
Invited users are sent an account activation code and download link.

Public Users /Signed Up Users

Users who already have a platform account can sign in to public apps using their existing credentials.
If you have a public app users can sign up to your app without being added or invited to a group.
See who signed up to your public app
To see which users have signed up, open Groups and then select the "Users" tab from the top menu. This will show a list of all signed up users and their related details. You can use the export option to extract the user list.
Any user who signs up will not belong to a group (unless later invited to a group). The user will, therefore, show as belonging to "No Group".
Last modified 5mo ago