Scoring Options

Calculate scores for the whole story, or for selected chapters only

This documentation is for authors making use of the 2.1 Editor.

How it Works

When you create a new story, you can set the story Scoring Option to Strict, Evaluative or Off. Although this will apply to the whole story, you can adjust it per chapter.

To set scoring for a story

Select Story from the top menu and Settings/Manifest. Slide to Manifest (top right). Under Interactive Options you can set your Scoring Options (Strict, Evaluative or Off).

Scoring Options

Select the Scoring Option that suits how you would like to evaluate your users.


Strict Interactive templates that are set to "Strict" mean that the user must answer correctly in order to proceed, and must do every activity in order to complete a story. Setting a story or interaction to "Strict" will means that every user will pass and will achieve 100%. Only the number of attempts and time taken to complete a story contribute to leaderboard ranking.

Evaluative If you want to allow users to submit incorrect answers - to evaluate how well the users have understood or responded to content - then use the "Evaluative" score setting. A "Strict" option may be good at the beginning of a story, but the final quiz should probably be "Evaluative" so that you can measure performance.


If you do not want users to earn any points when completing activities / interactions, set the scoring to OFF.

If you only use "Strict" as the scoring option, it will be harder to evaluate your users.

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