Import from YouTube

Curate a stream by adding videos from a YouTube channel

To create a stream containing a selection of YouTube videos from a single channel, open Streams and select "+" icon (top right).

Choose "Import YouTube" and select the app to which you will publish your stream.

Next, enter the channel ID - the last part of the URL (behind the "channel/" part of the URL).


Most of the listing details will be auto-populated based on the information attached to the original YouTube channel.

You can edit the listing as needed and add a category and tags. The category will show on the app and help segment content for users. The tags will be picked up on the app search.

Theme & Assets

The primary icon (and in some cases the alternative icon) should be auto-populated based on the visuals used in the original YouTube channel.

You can choose to customise your theme colours and/or assets as needed.


Select which channel episodes will be made available. Select the + icon (bottom right) then use the search and/or add individual episodes. If you want to add entire channel playlists, go to YouTube Sync.


Use targeting to set the story as public or private, and to select/deselect groups that will have access to your stream.

YouTube Sync

You can choose to sync specific playlists or the entire channel - this means that all episodes (the latest 100) will be added to your stream. If you want your stream to be auto-updated with new episodes added to the original channel, you can also set that preference here.

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