How to award certificates of completion

The 2.2. Editor replaces the trophies that were awarded in Editor 2.1 with certificates. Legacy platform users will still be able to view their Trophies here.

To award users who complete the story with the required pass mark and within the required time with a certificate, go to the story Settings under Limits & Certificates. Set the "Award Completion Certificates" option to "Yes"

Completion certificates are auto-populated. They include story, name, and user details. Your app theme is used to style the certificate design. A user can access their certificates from the analytics section in the app.

Below are samples of what the completion certificates will look like. To ensure that certificates can't be edited/reproduced, a unique QR code is generated for each certificate. When the code is scanned, it will take you to the original certificate stored on the platform servers.

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