Pathways FAQ

How to Publish a Pathway

Complete the Listing, Theme & Assets, Pathway Activities, and Targeting.

You should be prompted to publish your pathway once it is ready. If not, you can select PATHWAY from the top menu, and then select PUBLISH.

Publish a pathway

Confirmed Activity: Changing Fulfilment

When creating a Confirmation Activity you can set the fulfilment to: Honour, Upload, or Upload & Review.

Once you have chosen a fulfilment option and a user has met that fulfilment, they will not be able to re-do the activity should you choose to change the fulfilment option. For users to re-do the activity, clear the activity logs of everyone who previously completed the activity.

Clear logs to reset a user's activity state

Example: You create a Confirmation Activity and set the fulfilment to "Fulfil with Honour". This means the user must simply open the activity.

A few days later, you decide to change the fulfilment to "Upload Fulfilment" - meaning the user must upload a file to fulfil the activity.

Anyone who has already completed the activity with the previous fulfilment requirement will not be able to re-do the activity, i.e. upload a file. Also, their activity will no longer be read as complete.

To solve this, you will need to clear the logs of users who fulfilled the activity before it was changed - this will then allow them to re-do/fulfil the activity as per the new requirement.

Reset Progress / Clear Logs

If you would like to reset a user's progress or clear one/all of their logs, open the Pathway Editor and select any activity that they have completed. Select "View Logs" to open a list of all users who have completed the activity.

You can then choose to "Clear Log" for that specific activity, or select "Clear All Logs" to delete all of the user's logs for the pathway. The user will need to restart / redo the pathway.

Certificate Updated - Not Reflecting

If you have updated the name and/or description of a certificate and the change is not reflecting on the app, this may be because the file is cached to the device. When the app reloads it should update.

Event/Classroom Activity Not Showing

When you add an Event Activity, Classroom Activity, Web Activity, or Physical Activity, you will be required to include a future date and time.

If the activity is saved with a past date/time, it will not reflect on the pathway, i.e. a user can not book a date/time in the past.

Duplicating a Pathway

When you duplicate a pathway, everything will be copied except for:

  1. Certificates

  2. Rewards

  3. Events / Bookings