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Common help topics
To find troubleshooting tips and help topics for your app end-users, go here to see our public docs.

Common problems and solutions

App Download
Activation & Password
Device Compatible?
Can't download the app? Check the user onboarding guide, have a look at the app install & access FAQs, or contact your Support Agent for assistance.
Trouble signing in/up to your app or platform account? Can't log in? Look no further.
If your device seems to freeze or content does not load, this may be related to your device or browser either being incompatible or not up-to-date. Go here and try steps to fix the issue.

App or content not loading?

Try this...
Can't open content
Remove the content from your library and re-add it.
Can't access the app
Check if your browser or device has an update. (Update Chrome | Update Firefox | Update Internet Explorer | Update Android | Update iOS).
Uninstall and reinstall the app.
Install Google Chrome and use the web app instead.

How to set up your account

Have a look at the user onboarding video.

Yikes! Apple wants me to "Trust" something

For private apps, Apple adds an extra layer of security by asking you to trust the developer account - the account from which the app was published.