Create a single page content post

Choose this story type if you are looking to create microlearning or blog-style posts.

To create a new Article story type, open Authoring, and select "+" (top right). You will be asked to enter the details below.

Article Editor sections

Your new article will open up in the Editor. Here you can add the required details and compose your article.

Article Editor features

Double-click on the empty page or select the edit icon (bottom right) to start creating content. Remember to always save your changes using the save icon (bottom right).

To access the text formatting tools, simply highlight some text and the options (heading sizes, bold, link, alignment, etc.) will pop up.

The article editor includes the following features:

Insert Code is ideal if you are using articles to paste code, but it can also be used to add featured text on a grey background.

Restore Article Version

When you make changes and save your article, it is possible to revert to previously saved versions of your article. Simply select ARTICLE (top left) and then select RESTORE VERSION to access and restore to a previously saved version.

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