How to order your stories on the app

Default Ordering

Featured stories are ordered by title and by popularity. If you'd like to control the order in which stories appear on the app, you can use Story Ordering.

Story Ordering

Custom ordering allows you to order your stories, as needed. This feature is useful if you have a specific way in which you want your stories to be ordered. e.g Episodes, Levels, Courses, etc.

In Authoring, stories will always be ordered in the order that they were created. Custom ordering will only reflect on your app, not in Authoring.

When using custom ordering, remember to update the order when creating new stories.

Once you have ordered your stories, they will be numbered (the numbers will not be visible on the app). If stories have not yet been ordered they will not be numbered and will be labelled with a dash symbol ("-").

Story Sequence

You can set your story journey to be either linear or open.

If a story is linear, the user must complete the chapters one by one and can not skip ahead. Open stories, however, allow the user to go to any chapter at any time.

Have a look at the video to see where you can adjust this setting.

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