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Your platform media storage space

What is Cloudfile?

Cloudfile is where you upload media files to use in stories & to share with your team.
Any media uploaded or saved from Marketplace will be saved to Cloudfile and used for authoring stories.
Anyone who has permission to access Cloudfile and Authoring will be able to access media that has been added.

How to access Cloudfile

Access Cloudfile directly via the main menu & use the options in the top right menu.
Search, pick view, sort, create folders, upload files
Cloudfile Feature
What it does
Search your folders & files.
List or Grid View
Pick your preferred folder & file layout.
Sort by Time or Name
Sort your folders & files by recency or alphabetically.
Add Folder
Add a new folder or subfolder (use the icon or right-click).
Upload Files
Upload media to a specific folder or to the general directory (use the icon or right-click).
You can also manage a folder or file (by clicking on it to reveal the following options):
Cloudfile Feature
What it does
Open the file in a new tab.
Move to
Move a folder or file to a new location in Cloudfile.
Delete a folder or file.
Replace File
Replace a file with another.
View Details
View file details (Link, Added By, Last Modified, File Type, Filesize).
Delete File
Permanently remove a file or folder.
New Folder
Create a new folder.

Keep it neat in Cloudfile

It is recommended to always create folders for your file, and to label / name everything.
Using folders will ensure that Cloudfile load time is minimised, and correct naming means that your media is easy to find and well organised.

Cloudfile Categories

Use the left menu to access your folders and files.
Section Name
Add new folders, and organise files into folders.
Recently added / uploaded.
All your image files (not arranged into folders).
All your video files (not arranged into folders).
All your audio files (not arranged into folders).
All your documents, i.e. PDF files.
Files saved from Marketplace (images, video and media from story templates).