Media Specs

Before you get started...

Supported Media

The platform supports media that aligns with app and web standards, ensuring access on the majority of devices and browsers.

Supported media includes:

Media Type

File Types


.png, .jpeg, .gif, .svg







Image Sizes

When uploading images for page templates or story assets, we recommend a high-resolution. This allows the platform to dynamically resize images.

Your images only need to be bigger than the minimum required size. Bigger images will be resized by the platform to the required size :)

Use the below table as a quick reference of the minimum image sizes:

Image Type

Minimum Required Size

Image Cover (Landscape)

1900 x 1268

Image Cover (Portrait)

1268 x 1900

1136 x 758

420 x 588

512 x 512

420 x 588

4096 x 2560

420 x 588

1136 x 758

1136 x 758

420 x 588

420 x 588

585 x 891

1024 x 1024

1136 x 640

1280 x 800

640 x 1136

Find Images & Videos on Marketplace

The platform provides a direct integration with Unsplash & Pixabay to provide over 1 million photographs and videos. This allows you to just search for something you need without breaking your workflow.

If you don't have any image or video resources on hand or are just looking for something to fill the gap - check out Marketplace.


Video & Audio Optimisation

When working with video or audio there is a hard limit on the file size that will be accepted. These limits ensure that files don't bloat your story to exceed your story limit and to ensure that audio & video playback runs smoothly on low-end devices.

Videos need to be saved as .mp4 with 16:9 aspect ratio. To decrease the size of videos we recommend using The maximum permitted size per video is 45MB (10 - 15MB Recommend).

Consider your audience when creating videos. Internet access & speed as well as device quality may affect content load times.

pageSize Limits

Importing a Podcast

To add episodes from an external podcast, a link to the iTunes podcast or a valid RSS podcast feed must be added.

Importing a YouTube channel

Go to the YouTube channel that you wish to add to your stream and copy the channel ID.

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