Collaborate with your team

What is Workflow?

Workflow is the platform's collaboration & review tool. Share ideas with your team and stakeholders, manage feedback, and track comments and changes.

Workflow is intended for external reviews, whereas for internal reviews team members should directly comment on the editor.

Use Workflow in Authoring

As a content author, you can use Workflow to collaborate with your team. You can access the Workflow tool directly from the Story Editor to leave comments, annotate, and assign tasks.

Create a Workflow Review Group

Set up a Review Group to invite reviewers, then create a Workflow by selecting a story, review dates & review group.

Review Group invite email

The people who are invited via your Review Group, will receive the email below:

Assigning tasks in Workflow

Workflow roles

Delegator The delegator is the user who initiates a workflow and invites users to review, they are also responsible for assigning feedback to authors to complete. Reviewer The reviewer is a user that has been invited to review a story on workflow, e.g. a client. They can only access the preview of the story and is the area where they will give feedback. If the user is also an author they can access the story through the preview or story editor. Author The author is anyone in your team that is able to create stories. The delegator will assign authors to complete feedback on stories.


As a delegator, you will be responsible for correlating and managing feedback from users. Your daily tasks are to check on your workflows and assign any unassigned feedback to Authors.

  • Creating a Workflow Go to Authoring and navigate to workflow. From here you can “Create Workflow” and follow the onscreen instructions.

  • Managing a Workflow Once a workflow is created, you can modify the date and invite new users or remove existing users. If required, you can delete a workflow but this will notify invited user's that the review round has been cancelled.

  • Tasks Create tasks by commenting or annotating and assigning a team member. Annotations / Tasks will navigate to the specific page when clicking the heading in tasks.

  • Assigning Feedback At the end of each day, the platform will send you a report on feedback generated per workflow. The delegator can read through feedback and decide on whether a comment should become a task.

  • Manage Feedback When selecting "Manage feedback" from the options menu, this will open the story and the task window.

  • Closing a Workflow This happens automatically when the workflow reaches its end date. When a workflow closes, all participants are sent a summary. They are also asked to submit a survey & rate their experience.


As a Reviewer, you will be sent a preview link to a story with a secure activation code. Once you have accessed the story you can start submitting feedback to authors of the story. Your feedback is received in real-time and you will also be able to see feedback from other reviewers.

  • Accessing The Story From your invite email select "Access Review" and enter in your unique Activation Code.

  • Providing Feedback As you navigate through the story you can select the comment icon to leave feedback on the current page.

  • Annotating If you feel your comment relates to a specific area on the page to give extra context, you can select the target icon to highlight a specific area on the page. Annotations will show the comment when you hover. You can directly mark an annotation as resolved without opening the chat. Annotations / Tasks will navigate to the specific page when clicking the heading in tasks.

  • Screenshots & Screencasts If you would like to add a screenshot or a video screen capture, you can do so from the "+" icon on the comment box.

  • End of the review At the end of the scheduled review dates, you will be sent a summary of what happened during the review. You will also be asked to take an optional survey to rate your experience.


As an Author, you only need to carry out tasks assigned to you by the Delegator. Your involvement in a workflow only happens when a task has been assigned to you.

  • Receiving Tasks When you are assigned to feedback you will be notified that you have been given a task. You can also view all your pending tasks by selecting the "Task" icon

  • Carrying out Tasks From your task window, select any tasks you would like complete. You navigate to the story and page which the task is associated with. Once you have made required changes you can select the task options and select "Mark as complete".

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