Publishing FAQ

Frequently asked questions about publishing stories

I can't see a published story on the app

If your story has been published but users can't see it on the app, check the following:

  1. Wait 5-10 minutes

  2. Check that you have given the correct group access

  3. Ensure that users have enabled automatic app updates to occur on their devices

Which groups have story access

If you have published a story but are not sure which group(s) it was shared with...

  1. Open "Analytics and Trends"

  2. From "Stories", select a story

  3. On the "Real-time" page, select the filter icon (top menu) to see a list of all the groups that this story has been published to

Device not compatible

If you see a message telling you that your device is not compatible, this is because your device does not meet the minimum system requirements.

Operating Systems (Mobile & Tablet) Apple and Android only Browser Requirement (for Desktop/Web) Evergreen browsers (browsers that always receive the latest updates). See here: Minimum Device OS: Android Nougat 7.0+, Apple iOS 11 (note that the platform does not support operating systems that have been deprecated by either Android or Apple, and therefore minimum device OS requirements will change accordingly) Minimum Device Memory 512MB Ram Minimum Device Storage 2GB Minimum Available Storage 200MB Access to Connection Device(s) must connect to download stories and sync data/results

When you create a Platform Account, you will be prompted to agree to the terms & conditions of platform use.

In doing so, you indemnify the platform licensor, licensee, sub-licensees, and appointed providers, as well as their employees, directors, and agents against any claim (including any legal costs incurred) that may arise as a result of any infringement of a third party’s intellectual property in the creation and/or development of content, any negligence on your part, either contractually or delictually and whether by act or omission, any violation by you of any laws or regulations.

How do I manage Story Access?

You can change Story Access either directly from a group or from the Story options menu. This allows you to grant/remove story access to groups, as needed.

When do I need to re-publish a story?

Every time you update content in the story, you will need to re-publish the story.

If you have multiple apps and want to publish a story to a different app, you will also need to re-publish it and choose the new deployment target (app).

Your users will need to update the story on their app every time you make a change.

What happens to story logs when an update is published?

When you make changes to a story and then publish an update, the results for users who have already completed the previous story version will not change until they complete the new version. Their previous logs will be archived after the new attempt has been completed.

If you are making drastic changes to a story and want all users to redo it, we recommend archiving the current story and creating a new one.

What is a deployment target?

The deployment target is the app to which you want to publish your story.

Some accounts have access to multiple platform apps and are able to publish to multiple apps/deployment targets.

A story can only be published to one app at a time.

What is a Story Listing?

The story listing is the preview that users see before they download a story on the app. It is an essential part of publishing a story.

You will not be able to publish your story without a Listing.

What is the story size limit?

The story size limit is set at 100MB.

The optimal limit takes into consideration: reducing story load times, limited user bandwidth, and device storage space.

If you have a large story size, e.g. due to many videos in your story, you should consider splitting the story into parts.

I can't publish my story

If your story is not publishing, check the following:

What do the green and yellow dots mean?

In "All Stories" on the Authoring dashboard you will notice that each story has either a green dot, yellow dot, or eye icon to indicate its published status.

Yellow. Not published Green. Published Eye. Privately published to groups

Can't simulate a story

If you are struggling to simulate your story this could be due to the story size. Large stories may take longer to load.

Also, check your connection and try again.

It is recommended to create fewer than 50 pages per chapter and to keep stories below 100MB in size.

Can I clear my Beta logs (Editor 2.1)?

Only the simulator logs are cleared. Beta is considered a valid log, and updates when you continue or repeat a live story. As a tester or admin, you will therefore still see your Beta results when you publish to live.

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