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Falkor Terms & Privacy Policy

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Falkor Platform Security

  • All connections to and from the app are using TSL 1.2 with a 2048bit encryption

  • All passwords are encrypted with a two-fold irreversible encryption

  • All data is securely locked to Enterprise accounts, preventing scripting attacks

  • User information such as e-mail or cell phone numbers are not made public or visible

  • User IDs are also encrypted between analytics and the app, preventing user ID sniffing

  • Falkor makes constant security improvements based on industry discoveries of vulnerabilities and new security hardening techniques

  • Falkor has a Grade A security connection

  • Falkor’s Servers (dedicated servers with 1-Grid) are only accessible by server maintenance staff who are subjected to biometric security protocols

For a full rundown of Falkor's security protocols, please contact us.

Whitelisting Falkor

For users in a restricted network, or where firewalls and related security measures have been put in place, Falkor domains and subdomains need to be whitelisted in order to ensure seamless platform functionality. Please also ensure that all ports are allowed and whitelisting is in place for any ad blockers that are being used.

Web & Sub-domain Whitelist falkor.io / *.falkor.io web domain and sub-domains (* wildcard). Ensure that the above domains/sub-domains are also whitelisted on any installed ad blockers.

YouTube If you plan on syndicating or curating YouTube videos you will need to whitelist the YouTube domain. We use YouTube's API and all video is served through the YouTube domain. YouTube does not currently provide an endpoint to physically syndicate a video through a different domain.

Resolve (used for Falkor’s chat services, i.e. Resolve & Workflow) wss://resolve.falkor.io, port 8443

Realtime Device Syncing (to ensure user logs are synced across devices) wss://realtime.falkor.io, port 8443 Port 8443 is an alternative port to secure connections 443