Story Settings

Adjust your settings and scoring options (applicable to stories only)

If you are using one of the story types in Authoring, you will be able to adjust settings, set limits, and award certificates.

General Settings

Here you can set the journey & scoring options.




Linear - if you want users to complete chapters in a start-to-finish sequence.

Open - if you want users to be able to choose any chapter in any sequence.

Allow Activity Skipping

Yes - if you want users to be able to skip activities (interactions and questions). Users can skip by swiping or clicking the next arrow.

No - if you don't want users to skip any activities or questions. Users will be prompted to complete an activity before they can continue.

Scoring Options

Evaluate - choose if you want users to submit incorrect answers/activities. Teach - choose if you want users to repeat answers/activities until correct. Survey - choose if there is no correct answer / all answers are accepted.

Allow Multiple Attempts

By selecting "No", users won't be able to re-do once they have completed. This setting is ideal for formal assessments. Users who have completed a story that does not allow multiple attempts can still open the completed story to view its contents (but they will not be able to redo any activities). This allows single-attempt content to still be accessible after completion. If necessary, you can reset a user's attempt via the logs in analytics.

Limits & Certificates

Award certificates, determine a pass mark & set a time limit.



Pass Mark Percentage

Set the percentage (of correct answers/activities) required in order to pass.

Award Completion Certificates

Choose Yes or No, depending on whether or not users must receive a story completion certificate (auto-generated with the story and user details).

Time Limit in Minutes

Set a time limit (in minutes) for this story, i.e. define how much time the user has to complete the story.

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